Shout Magic came together in Philadelphia, 2005, when a high school student convinced his math teacher to start a band with a pair of guys who had exactly their median age. Five years later, after a handful of line-up changes, two eps and a bunch of shows, the band is releasing its first full-length CD, “Plenty.”

“Plenty” was recorded in the tiny town of Sylvania, Pennsylvania; population: 200. The band, which previously practiced in a rundown former horsehair brush factory, set up shop in a lovely cabin overlooking a picturesque stream. There, twenty tracks materialized. Back in Philly the band would complete the recording process just as band members started moving away.

Alex studied acoustic engineering and ended up in Boston. Mike took up photography and made is way to DC. Steve started raising chickens in Portland. Mikey grabbed his EU passport and hopped the next plane to Amsterdam. Only Chuck stuck around in Philly, where he’s become a father.

The band has begun work on a follow-up album and publicity tour for 2010.

Shout Magic is: Steve Bozzone, Mikey Casalaina, Michael W. Hicks and Chuck Zak.

Special thanks to alumni Alexander Bockman (bass) and Noah Hecht (drums).

Visual artists that have contributed to Shout Magic: Crockett Bodelson, colleencatherine, Alina Josan, Ursula Miller, Amanda Deibert. Thanks!


“Most Philly bands don’t get attention for a music video before a record, but only Shout Magic would write an eponymous song about and shoot a feel-good video inside their favorite Chinese restaurant Golden Empress. Besides making you hungry, it should inspire you to dig deeper into the band’s horn-addled Sea and Cake-ish sound, starting with their brand-new EP Ceiling Fan & Other Revolutions. In addition to sharp turns and sunny orchestral touches, the album gives a hometown nod in the form of the jazzy instrumental “Passyunk.” With so much pride, Shout Magic could be the best thing to happen to our city’s tourism industry since that sleepover slogan.” Doug Wallen, Philadelphia Weekly

Golden Empress video featured as Noontime Nugget on Philebrity. Dec 14, 2007

“Almost pretty, but still quite funky and there’s some great old-school sounds in these songs that makes me smile. There, I just wanted to make that clear.”Bean, One Hundred B. Jan 2007.

“Eclectic music that rock’s hard and smoothes everything out with a nice touch of soulful play. The instrumentation is tight and varied with guitars, bass, and drums wrapped around trumpet, flute, and keys. I like the elements of jazz and blues that are woven in throughout the album giving it a lift of mystery.”J-Sin, Smother March 2007.

Shout Magic has been played, mentioned or featured on WKDU, WXPN, Z-Radio, Unharshed Mellow, Badminton Stamps, Billboard’s Mobile Beat blog, and Six Bucks a Monkey.


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