Plenty advance tracks posted, entire discography available for free download!

We’ve posted a selection of tracks from the album PLENTY, which drops January 15, 2010.  There’s a handy player to your left, or you can stream and download the them here.  After almost 2 years in production, we are elated to get these out onto the internet superhighway.  In addition to the ubiquitous digital release, we are producing a very limited number of handmade CD’s, if you are committed to tactile product, we’d be happy to send you one.

You can also now easily download all of our previously released material, in your preferred format.

We’ll be working on some videos for this release, as well as some new songs we write collaboratively across the country and beyond the sea.  Let us know what you think of the new tunes!



is on the road!  Michael Hicks has set-up base in the District of Columbia, Mikey is eyeing the Netherlands and Steve is currently in Nebraska.  Word has it Chuck is working on the house, getting it ready and stuff!

We handed out about 15 fabric-bound pre-release CD’s at our last philly show, and the new, full-featured album should be available this October on this site.  Thanks to Alina Josan and colleencatherine for their leadership in the visual arts.

Check out the cover!

Shout Magic - Plenty Cover Art by Alina Josan


‘Plenty’ on the way, Show this weekend!

We are now mixing our first full-length, “Plenty.”  We are very pleased with how it’s coming out.  20 tracks.  We will be offering our first batch of new recordings this coming weekend, and to celebrate, we’ll be performing a gala celebration in West Philly!  Due to logistics, this may be our LAST live show for a while!  Friday, August 15th, doors at 9, 4513 Walnut St.

Last Show Flyer

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Friday, Feb 29th! Leap Day Fest @ the Blue Room, South Philly

2/29, the Blue Room


Our new “Golden Empress” video!


All Encompassing Archival Post

11-11-07 – At long last, you can now listen to the new ep! Just turn on your speakers and hit play in lower left. A physical, tangible version will be available on compact disc before the year’s end. In the meantime, you can buy digital-direct from Shout Magic

Also, we’ll be playing a show on Monday, November 26th at the Tritone here in Philly. We would absolutely love to see you there.

9-4-07 – Still awaiting a final master of the new ep, but it’s seriously almost done, and it’s poppin’. Also, we’re playing a show on Wednesday, September 12th at the M-room in Philadelphia with old friends, Like Trains and Taxis. It should be a blast, so please, if you can, come out!

8-6-07 – So, we’ve finished the ep! It will be out in the next month or so! And look at our pretty new website. Oooo.

5-20-07 – We are keeping busy! We’re concluding work on our new ep, Ceiling Fan and Other Revolutions, and we should have CDs and audio of that soon.

Also, we have a number of shows coming up. Check “Dates” for those, or check-in at our fabulous myspace page.

4-30-07 – Shout Magic will be playing a huge show on Friday, May 11th. We’re representing South Philly in a “clash of urban gorillas.” West Philly is going down.

4-9-07 Big news, there’s some shake-ups here at Shout Magic. Our trumpet player, Dawn, has decided to part ways with the band. This leaves a big fat opening for a brass player or a keyboard/organist. Yes, I know, I know. You’re going to miss Dawn and her sweet sweet brassy tones. We will too! But, this is your opportunity to be in the band! If you’re interested in an audition, we’re auditioning just about any instrumentalists with the exception of guitarists and drummers. Bass players, we may need you too! So, please, if you are or know a good musician send them our way!

Interested in being a part of Shout Magic? e-mail us at shoutmagic ^at^ gmail ^dot^ com!

4-2-07 – Oh man, we’re so closed to done on the new ep, we can smell it. It smells kinda like deodorant. Oh, wait. That’s my deodorant. Regardless, we’re very extremely close to having some spanky new recordings. We’ve set the ETA at late May. What we can tell you, is it’s going to be called “The Ceiling Fan and Other Revolutions.” and it’s been recorded at our fabulous new studio, Chief City Recordings in the Port Richmond area of Philly.

2-15-07 – A happy belated Valentine’s Day from your BFFs at Shout Magic. Be sure to check out our fabulous upcoming shows:

We’ll be playing 2-17, 10pm – Fire Halo Arts’s St. Valentine’s Day Capitalism Massacre – 1513 S. Mole St., South Philly – more info, 3-2, 8pm, Green Line Cafe w/ Univox and 3-17, 8pm – Milkboy, Ardmore, PA w/ Sea Trio and Northbound Band

1-29-07 – If you’re like us and put neither weight nor thought in the shameless commercialism of the yearly superbowl, please join us this coming Superbowl Sunday (2/4, 8pm) at the M-Room in Philadelphia for an evening of great music. With us on the bill will be Summer Hymns and Folklore, both of that musical hotbed, Athens, GA. Trust us, it’ll be way more fun then watching the homoeroticism of corporate pigskin.

1-16-07 – Shout Magic will be appearing at a benefit for this poor activist who was scapegoated and fined during that unfortunate police heart-attack in the Love Park dual-demonstration debacle last year. The show will be Friday, 1/26, 8pm at Lava (42nd and Lancaster) in West Philly. You know you don’t want to miss it.

12-7-06 – Dates, dates, dates! We’re playing live 3 times in December. First, Saturday, 12/16 (Beethoven’s Birthday) 8pm @ Peace Has No Color at the Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square. Second, at Milkboy Coffee on 12/20, show starts at 7pm. w/ On 3 Go and more TBA. Finally, 12/28 at the Manhatten Room in Philadelphia, show starts around 8, w/ Univox and more TBA. Hope to see you there!

11-11-06 – Shout Magic is hard at work to provide you with only the highest quality trumpet-infused rock music. Speaking of trumpet, let’s hear it for trumpet player, Dawn “Dizzy” Webster, who’s performed with America’s Sweethearts The Walkmen and is poised to do so again.

Shout Magic is in the process of getting its act together and should be posting some live dates in the next month!

10-22-06 – Life is good here at the Shout Magic Mansion. We’re trying to get our footing in whatever scene Philly has to offer whilst trying to get our feet in doors. (For those of you in the tri-state area, is indispensable reading for keeping up on music happenings in the region). Looking forward to playing some smaller shows. The grassroots thing didn’t work out for Howard Dean, but it’s looking far more promising with the band thing. Anyway, in a rock band, if you yelp on stage, it’s par for the course.

Don’t miss our halloween show! It promises to be a rip-roaring good time! 10-28-06, 7pm! 4th and Lombard!

8-31-06 – The rumors are true. We have a new drummer. His name is Steve Bozzone, formerly of the most-excellent Philly band Cocoon. Meet Steve, shake hands, and get a book signed at our next gig. Saturday, Sept. 23rd at 7:00pm at the The World Cafe (map). This is going to be an early, free, sit-down affair, so bring the whole family!

7-13-06 – We added a last minute addition! July 21, 2006 at Fishtown’s The Fire (map). Please, if you can make it to Philadelphia, come check us out.

6-30-06 – Like the rest of the world, we now have a MySpace. You guessed it, Log on and be our friends.

6-24-06 – Mark your calendars. Shout Magic will be playing The Khyber (map) on August 22, 2006 at around 8:00pm. Please come if you’re interested, we’d love to see you there! Also, The World Cafe (map) on September 23.

6-20-06 – Our Drummer Noah has been accepted into the Oberlin Conservatory and thus, will be leaving Shout Magic mid-summer. Of course, we’re a little bummed, but we all wish him best! If you are, or know a suitable permanent replacement, please send an email to ShoutMagic -at-

5-17-06 – Ta-da. The EP is finished, and going to print. You can hear it here and now! Just get the streaming player in the upper left going. Downloadable versions to be posted soon!

4-29-06 – Shout Magic is putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP. A title has yet to be decided. Each EP will come in a wholey original hand-crafted cover. Friends of the band are invited to draw anything they like on one of our blank white cardboard CD sleeves, and their cover will be added to the general pool. Anyone recieving a CD will be able to choose whichever cover jumps out at them.

4-15-06 – Shout Magic has completed recording. It’s now time for post-production, mix-down, etc. The EP will be made available for mass consumption as soon as its done!

3-5-06 – Shout Magic is now recording. New music will find its way on the site shortly!